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Personalised Cancer Wellness Program

This is a 12 week CWP delivered one to one.

  • 2 hours

Service Description

Join the entire CWP as a personalised one on one program. These appointments will help teach you how to care for yourself at home and can help with: -Lymphedema (swelling) such as teaching you to assess your lymphedema, teaching you self-massage, compression bandaging or kinesiotaping. -Fatigue and tools to help you sleep -Lowering your stress with relaxation techniques and mindfulness -Pain and physical concerns such as weakness, and loss of range of motion -Scar management -Returning to work or school -“Brain Fog” such as poor memory, attention or focus -Body image or sexual health concerns -Diet related to cancer symptoms such as nausea (feeling like throwing up), diarrhea (loose poo) and constipation (trouble having a poo) -Psychosocial concerns such as emotions and coping, relationship changes, fear of cancer coming back.

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